The Wheels of Car of Life

Life starts with birth and ends with death but it is the journey from one point to other that defines a human being. What we do in our journey from birth to death makes us either a legend or just an another person.So just like we need car to commute between two points, we have a car of life which makes our journey from life to death. And as a car has four wheels ,the car of life also has four wheels . So below are the four wheels of car of life.

  1. Personal Life: The first wheel is our personal life.Our health,our mind, things we love to do,things we want to do. Today we our living a life of ‘have to do’ and not ‘want to do’. We just forgot about ourselves and are subscribed to the pressures coming from all fronts of life.We hardly spend time with ourselves. We forgot to love ourselves. With so much pressure and rat race we forgot about our own health. We bring worries from work to home.We must learn to take care of our personal life.
  2. Family Life: The second wheel is our family life. Our family needs our attention.We bring all the pressures from work to home and we do not give time to our family as we already get fatigued and tired. This leads to lack of communication among family members and slowly we get far from family members although we live under same roof and this causes imbalance.
  3. Professional Life: The third is our professional life. The professional life works as a catalyst. It is very important for us to have a healthy professional life. Often we fail to manage balance between our personal and professional life and as a result we fail to perform well at our job. Many a times the tensions and pressures of home which we bring to our work results in severe decline in our performance. Similarly if we bring work pressure to our home, our personal as well as family life is ruined.
  4. Social Life: The fourth wheel is our social life. Our friends, colleagues, the relationships that matters for us.Those people who will support us in our need. Sometimes we need people with whom we can open our heart. There are things we share only with our friends,with our colleagues. It is very important for us to have a social life.

Many times we are not even aware about things happening with us as we keep on carrying the load of pressure and expectation.We are not even aware that things our out of balance. if one wheel of a car is out of balance, we cannot drive the car. Similarly if any of the four wheels of car of life is out of balance, we cannot drive our life smoothly. If our personal life is out of balance, it effects our family life,our professional life,our social life. As they say”Stability in our response is sign of a balanced life”. People who have a balanced life know how to handle pressure and people with imbalanced life sink under pressure. To have a balance life and to have a smooth ride of car of life,we must take care of all the four wheels of car of life.

By Gaurav Asopa

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